Hi! I’m Milla. Nature lover living in Finnish Lapland.

I’m passionate photographer and visualist, who always seeks new adventures and places to be “wowed”.

Huge lover of animals and pure nature. Peace in my mind can only be found when its quiet enough and maybe not so crowded places is my kind of place to be.

I filled one of my dreams and moved to Lapland in July 2017.



I love nature and spend time in there in multiple ways. Hikiking, biking, running, walking with my dog, splitboarding, skiing. You name it. Im not so focused into accomplishing certain things. I would like to enjoy when I feel like it. Do the things that feels right just then.

Graphig design

I like to do drawings and graphic designs. Started to design some prints for my own – prints to put in a t-shirts and stuff. Prints that someone else can also like to wear and show off.

Snow stuff

First I wrote here snowboarding, splitboarding, skiing. Wait there is hole punch of cool stuff that you can do on snow. Can’t really choose. Do i have to? Love the feeling of surfing on the fresh snow, or hiking in spring when sun warms your cheeks. Not in a hurry anywhere. My priority is learn something new and enjoy the nature etc. – not to ride down the steepest hill there.


More or less advanced photographs. I like to take my camera out every now and then. Lately iv been noticed that somedays is good to just go without it also and enjoy the moment. Want to learn more about videos and how to edit them.


Started knitting again recently. Got mad about it. Wanted to make a new beanie for myself. And another one. And another one. Maybe some wool sweater next?


I have studied visual merchandising and I am very visual person anyway. My surroundings affects me a lot. Would even say Im quite sensivite about how things look and what im hearing. Iv been living mostly in Lapland now over three years (this is my fourth winter season here) and its hard to be in the city for longer time periods. There is also lot to see, but i feel home when im in more calm place – like Lapland. Sea shore is one of my favourite surroundings too. Ohoy!

Let’s make something together.